The Morphogenic Field : A Scientific Reality


Source: Resonance Science Foundation

Date : Sept 2019

The way Nature is producing symmetry and order in our world is still a mystery. According to current Science paradigm (entropy), behavior should be completely random. Some 30 years ago, the concept of Morphogenic Fields was introduced and swiftly dismissed by scientific community. A new study identifies a similar concept called Holomorphic Info-Entropy. This concept links information with entropy, and the study reveals that prevalent geometric configurations which can be observed in our world are the results of this theory : the double-helix and the double logarithmic spirals . On the small scale, the DNA double-helix, and on larger scale, the shape of spiral galaxies are examples of the application of this new model. This theory also reveals that the postulation of dark matter is but a result of this entropy force, and therefore dark matter is a superfluous concept and will not be detected in space.

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