PLANTS NOISE : Plants Really Do ‘Scream’. We Just Never Heard It Until Now.

Earth Science

Date : Sept. , 2023

Source : Science Alert

A new study published this year (2023) shows that plants do “scream” when stressed. They emit popping or clicking noises in ultrasonic frequencies outside the range of human hearing, and the intensity is proportional to the level of stress. We already knew plants could “hear” (Nature’s article, 2019).

The experimentation could record a range of ultrasonic noise in a range of 3 meters. It is not yet known what process can produce these sounds, and it is not also known if other plants can hear and respond to the “call”.

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MYCORRHIZAS: The Internet of Plants


Date : Apr., 2021

Source :

Networking and intercommunication is not for humans only. Plants can be wired and collaborate together, thanks to a web-like infrastructure generated by fungi. A new publication describes this world of connection and interdependence between different species. It looks like a collective intelligence, using the best resources available to drive their growth and reproduction, and their survival in case of imminent danger.

The Secret Doctrine (Vol. II, p. 590 – 1888 Edition) , talking about the “old Esoteric doctrine” teaches that :

When the first ‘Seven’ appeared on earth, they threw the seed of everything that grows on the land into the soil. First came three, and four were added to these as soon as stone was transformed in plant. Then came the second ‘Seven’; who, guiding the Jîvas of the plants, produced the middle (intermediate) natures between plant and moving living animal.”

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