Gallup Poll Surveys Which Countries Are Perceived as Greatest Threat to World Peace

Social Sciences

Date: Jan, 2014

Source: Huffington Post

In 2013, Gallup Poll and Worldwide Independent Network made a survey of 66,000 people around the world and ask them questions such as their preferred home and the greatest threat to world peace. Twenty four percent identified the United States as the greatest threat, followed by Pakistan at 8%, China at 6% and Afghanistan at 5%. At the same time, it is noteworthy that the survey found the United States was also the country that they  wanted most to move to.

In the survey, Americans considered the US was the third greatest threat to world peace after Iran and Afghanistan, and tied with North Korea.



Restrictions on religion


Social Science

Date: April 13, 2017

Source: Pew Research

Brazil and Japan Least Restrictive Towards Religions; Russia and Egypt Most Restrictive

In a study by Pew Research Centers among the 25 most populous countries in the world, Brazil, Japan, South Africa, Ethiopia and the Philippines were the countries with the least restrictions and social hostilities towards religions. The survey was based on 2015 data. Russia, Egypt, India, Pakistan and Nigeria on the other hand, had the most restrictions and social hostilities.

“In India, for example, some state governments restricted religious conversion and others ban cow slaughter,” says the report.


Source: Pew Research Center, April 13, 2017;

More Americans say they are spiritual but not religious


Social Science

Date: September,  2017

Source: Pew Research

In a survey conducted April 4-June 4, 2017, The Pew Research Center found that there are more Americans who consider themselves spiritual but not religious. 27% regarded themselves this way as compared to 19% in 2012. 48% think of themselves as both religious and spiritual, this group decreased from 59% in 2012. 18% consider themselves neither religious nor spiritual, Up from 16% in 2012.

Source: Pew Research, Sept. 6, 2017; href=”