This site is dedicated to Researches relevant to Theosophy.  It is there to provide significant scientific findings and discoveries which support the Theosophical Knowledge Heritage.

Most lecturers, writers and students of theosophy are engaged in various forms of research to support their viewpoints or hypotheses. At the same time, there is a staggering quantity of research coming out every week from all over the world in the different disciplines that are relevant to theosophy that theosophists are unaware of. This publication is intended to help them be more informed about significant findings of scientists, doctors, scholars and researchers in the various disciplines.”


Meditation is common across many religious groups in the US (SAMPLE ARTICLE)

Social Sciences Date: April 5, 2017 Source: Science Daily Meditation is Common Across Many Religious Groups in the US A survey among Americans in 2018 by Pew Research Center show that the practice of meditation can be found among many religious across across the country. Americans tend to say they meditate regularly (40% do so …

Islam to become world’s largest religion by 2075

Islam to Become World’s Largest Religion by 2075 An analysis of the Pew Research Center shows that “the number of babies born to Muslims is expected to overtake those born to Christians within two decades, making Islam the world’s largest religion by 2075.” https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/apr/05/muslim-population-overtake-christian-birthrate-20-years  

Increased Cancer Rate in US Linked to Bad Environment (SAMPLE ARTICLE)

Health Biology Earth Sciences Date: May, 2017 Source: The New Scientist; Increased Cancer Rate in US Linked to Bad Environment A study by Jyotsna Jagai and her colleagues at the University of Illinois compared data from the Environmental Quality Index from 2000 to 2005 with the incidence of cancer from 2006 to 2010. Their findings …

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