Quantum Weirdness Replaced by Classical Fluid Dynamics


Date: March, 2014

Source: Hawai Institute for Unified Physics (HIUP)

A new interpretation of Quantum Physics, in line with Louis de Broglie “pilot wave” theory, and David Bohm causal interpretation, which may give a deterministic approach of quantum physics, using classical fluid dynamics. This is paving the way for a unification of fundamental forces. Even entanglement, this so weird “spooky instantaneous interaction at a distance”, may have a realistic substantiation via wormholes (Maldacena/Susskind – https://arxiv.org/abs/1306.0533).

Modern Science (Theoretical Physics) is based, since the 1920’s, on the Bohr’s interpretation of Quantum Physics which does not provide with an intellectually sustainable paradigm for the representation of Reality. Most physicists use quantum theory as a tool for calculating results and “leave it to the philososhers” to wonder what’s really going on behind the mathematics. This has leaded to the loss of causal interpretation of phenomenon (cause -> effect). Einstein always disagreed wit it : “God does not play dice“. The new interpretation quoted here is in line with Einstein, de Broglie, Schrödinger, Bohm, Bell,…