First Man-Made Objects to Leave the Solar System

Space Sciences

Date: October, 2018

Source: NASA

The two first man-made object to leave the heliosphere of the Solar System, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, are still in communication with Earth, and they are sending data from 11 billion miles. The first one, Voyager 1 left the Solar System mid-2012, and Voyager 2 is nearing the border.

Mme Blavatsky explained (Blavatsky Lodge discussions – April 11, 1889) that :

” Between two planets, there is a regular gradation of density and purity in the etheric atmosphere which lies between the two. It commences on a planet with the densely material air, which is the rûpa, or body of ether, and is as opaque to the light of its higher principle as the body of man is to the light of the Divine Spirit. From that material darkness of the etheric atmosphere shades off gradually, till it reaches a point of – say, the perfect brightness or luminosity. This is the Laya point, or line on our plane, of the atmosphere between two planets… Therefore, in occult science, it is impossible for anything in the shape of a material body to pass from one planet to another.”

Those statements about the impossibility to pass from one planet to the other may be puzzling . Looking further at what HPB said, maybe she was considering something like a spaceship (which of course didn’t exist at the time). Maybe she was saying that no material from a planet can naturally escape it, and also that a human being could not nakedly cross from one planet to the next. At this time, science did knew about the lack of oxygen in outer space and the escape velocity from Earth (or other planets). Maybe this was Blavatsky’s point.

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