Meat Production affecting the eco-system

Earth Science, Health and Medicine

Date: November, 2018

Source: The Lancet

Meat production doesn’t just affect the ecosystem by production of gases, and study now question the system of production’s direct effect on global freshwater use, change in land use, and ocean acidification. A recent paper in Science claims that even the lowest-impact meat causes “much more” environmental impact than the least sustainable forms of plant and vegetable production.

Another study from the International Agency For Research On Cancer assessment has identified a “strong” link between red meat and the mechanistic evidence for carcinogenicity.

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Homo Sapiens Evolution


Date: January, 2019

Source: Trend in Ecology and Evolution

The view that Homo sapiens evolved from a single region/population within Africa has been given primacy in studies of human evolution. However, developments across multiple fields show that relevant data are no longer consistent with this view. A new study shows that Homo sapiens evolved within a set of interlinked groups living across Africa, whose connectivity changed through time.

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A manuscript of an essay from Mme Blavatsky was published in The Theosophist, Vol. LXXXIII, N° 11, August 1962 – also available in BCW XIII, p.326, where she described the early races of Africa

Connecting People’s Brains

Health and Medicine

Date: January, 2019

Source: Science Alert

Neuroscientists have successfully hooked up a three-way brain connection to allow three people to share their thoughts.

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Mme Blavatsky wrote (The theosophist, Vol. III, N° 4, January 1882) : “The phenomena of sensation and volition, of intellect and instinct are, of course, all manifested through the channels of the nervous centres, the most important of which is the brain. . . Yet while this physiological office is distinguished, or divided by Science into three kinds – the motor, sensitive and connecting – the mysterious agency of intellect remains as mysterious and perplexing to the great physiologists as it was in the days of Hippocrates. The scientific suggestion that there may be a fourth series associated with the operation of thought, has not helped towards solving the problem; it has failed to shed even the slightest ray of light on the unfathomable mystery. Nor will they ever fathom it unless our men of Science accept the hypothesis of DUAL MAN.

Could Our Immune System Be Controlling Our Behavior?

Health and Medicine

Date: July, 2016


We all like to think of ourselves as totally unique, independent individuals, in charge of our own destinies. But new research has found evidence that our behaviour, and maybe even our personalities, could be influenced by something totally unexpected – our immune systems.

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Theosophical literature often points out that our personal consciousness is not a single entity but, rather, the sum total of many different influences, including our bodies, elementals, skandhas, the higher consciousness, and more.