Panpsychism : An Explanation of Consciousness


Source : Institute of Arts

Date : Nov 2019

A recent debate on panpsychism (mind-everywhere) addresses how physical science is trying to describe Reality . . . and fails to do so, where introducing consciousness gives a holistic view of it. Panpsychism is presented as a middle path between materialism and dualism. Rupert Sheldrake discusses possibilities to explain consciousness using panpsychism, highlighting the limitations of this theory.

Madame Blavatsky (draft article from the Adyar Archives, published in The Theosophist, Vol. XLVI, No 11, August, 1925, pp. 632-634) explained that ” The special organ of consciousness is of course the brain, and is located in the aura of the pineal gland in the living man. During the process of mind or thought manifesting to consciousness, constant vibrations of light take place . . . What consciousness is can be defined psychologically. We can analyze and classify its works and effects – we cannot define it, unless we postulate and Ego distinct from the body.”

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