This site is dedicated to Researches Relevant to Theosophy. 

Most lecturers, writers and students of theosophy are engaged in various forms of research to support their viewpoints or hypotheses. At the same time, there is a staggering quantity of research coming out every week from all over the world in the different disciplines that are relevant to theosophy that theosophists are unaware of. This publication is intended to help them be more informed about significant findings of scientists, doctors, scholars and researchers in the various disciplines.

The importance of being kept abreast with scientific development was underscored by the Mahatmas in their letters. Mahatma Koot Hoomi wrote in 1882 to A. O. Hume that “Modern science is our best ally” (Mahatma Letters to A. P. Sinnett, Letter 65, chronological edition). The Maha Chohan similarly stated that “it is absolutely necessary to inculcate it [their doctrine] gradually enforcing its theories, unimpeachable facts for those who know, with direct inferences deducted from and corroborated by the evidence furnished by modern exact science” (Appendix II, chronological edition).

It is hoped that more people will be involved in the gathering of research information. We appreciate your feedback. You may contact us at http://theoscience.org/index.php/contact/ or comment on the website of Researches Relevant to Theosophy.

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Cosmology Date : Sept. , 2023 Source : Science Alert Scientists Think an Earth-Like Planet May Be Hiding in Our Solar System The behavior of trans-Neptunian objects indicates (according to current physical laws, i.e. Gravitation/General Relativity) the presence of a hidden world. This celestial object would be no greater than 3 times the mass of …

PLANTS NOISE : Plants Really Do ‘Scream’. We Just Never Heard It Until Now.

Earth Science Date : Sept. , 2023 Source : Science Alert A new study published this year (2023) shows that plants do “scream” when stressed. They emit popping or clicking noises in ultrasonic frequencies outside the range of human hearing, and the intensity is proportional to the level of stress. We already knew plants could …