1. REALITY is ONE - Human understanding of REALITY is multiple.
  2. Traditions, including religions, philosophies, cultures, bring a holistic view of Reality, based on revelations and human realisations. They have been and still are a powerful force bringing models of Reality, ethics, morales, and values to facilitate life in human communities and human personal quest. Most of the time, their messages have been defaced, veiled, hidden, and abused to accomodate human egoism and thirst for power. Their core philosophies contains global models for Cosmology and Anthropology.
  3. Sciences , since the early Greeks, brought an intellectual understanding of the visible part of Reality starting from what can be sensed, assessed, modelized, tested,...
    The last 300 years brought a big acceleration of Sciences discoveries and impacts on human societies. Materialism bursted and became the mainstream philosophy of scientists.
    The last 30-40 years is showing a new dawn in the philosophy of Science, opening researches in new directions.
    Even if the majority of 21st century scientists is still advocating materialism, there are more and more voices calling for an opening toward a larger vision of the Reality, not limited to materialism.
  4. Human societies evolution seems to accelerate, with Science as the main driver, bringing more and more technology to ease material life. Globalization has invaded the world and a new God was born, this time a universal God : consumption, desires fullfillment, mass production and mass destruction, earth resources over-exploitation. The apparent results is a desintegration of some core values and mechanisms for human life in society. From this picture, probably incomplete, there is a sense of urgency to act.
  5. There has been and there are currently active groups in the various Theosophical Movements in the world, dealing with Traditions and Sciences. All along the history of the modern Theosophical Movement, groups of seekers have been actively working to close the gaps between Theosophy and Sciences. Most of these initiatives were local (national) ones and their works and findings did not reach outside circles. Modern technology can facilitate working groups and discoveries publications. This would benefit the whole community.


Science and Traditions have their own methodologies to get to REALITY.
Basic scientific methodology used to be based on deduction from observed facts (Ernest Mach) ; quantum physics has somehow change the paradigm, getting away from pure observation, and most of today scientific models are basically mathematical models with no direct correlation with observation (supersymmetry, supergravity,....)
Traditions are usually based on induction from key principles coming mainly from revelation.
Here we need a "middle-grounded" methodology which can be understood and recognized by both as valid.
A proposal is made from the traditions' side.
The key for finding a common ground of understanding will be MUTUAL ACCEPTANCE & TOLERANCE

An array of qualities for Truth-seekers has been proposed by Dr Edi D. Bilimoria (The Snake and the Rope - 2006) :

  • assuming absolutely nothing initially, and desiring to find out everything;
  • sustaining a consistancy of doctrine on all fronts such as science, religion and philosophy;
  • using tools appropriate to the investigation, for example, formulae and mathematical physics where quantitative precision and data are sough, but symbolism and myth to point and lead toward truths that are ineffable in the concrete terms of Western science;
  • maintaining a total (holistic) view, with due attention to detail, but not allowing obsession with the latter to blur the grand picture.


The General System Theory is proposed to formulate the ontology of the research.
A paper "Building a bridge" describing the proposed approach is available for comments, via the forums.