THEOSCIENCE.ORG is a virtual place where Science and Traditions of the world are compared in order to identify convergences and divergences on the main themes of human quest :

- Who are we ? From where do we came ? Where do we go ? What are we made of ? . . .
- What is the universe made of ? How was he created ? How is he maintained ? What is his (our) future, . . .
- What are the basic laws which govern human and universe evolution ? . . .
- . . . and many other questions.

Each Tradition has its own paradigms and its own models to answer these types of questions.
They are the reflections of the time and place where they were developed.
Top-down approach is favored, often starting from a "revelation".
The models inherited are usually static. They do not tend to evolve radically from the original "revelation".

Science, all along the years, has built a representation of the world, based on observations and rules, laws, models, using mathematics and logic to substantiate them.
Bottom-up approach is favored, starting from observations, leading to modelisation an further testing.
One of its characteristics is the impermanence of its models which have been invalidated and replaced by new models on a regular basis.

Both seems to represent the world with different views, often way apart and sometimes irreconciliable.
But REALITY is ONE, whatever way we, human beings, try to represent or measure IT.
Therefore, there must be common ground where Traditions and Sciences can meet and agree, giving some food for thought to our never-ending quest to understand REALITY.

This Project aims at putting together existing knowledge from both sides and to give an opportunity for the community of seekers to bridge some gaps, to build some solid grounds for a better understanding of our lives.